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The Quiet Side of Venice

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 20, 2012

Fondamenta Case Nuove, Venice

Photo of Fondamenta Case Nuove at sunset.

The center of Venice, around San Marco and the Rialto bridge, is so crowded and noisy that it’s easy to forget that Venice has quiet streets. On our last night we walked around the Sestria Cannaregio. Venice is divided into six (= “sei” in Italian) sestrias and Cannaregio is one of the quietest. It is near the Santa Lucia train station, around the Jewish Ghetto. You can actually hear birds singing, instead of suitcase wheels rumbling over concrete. By the way, did you know that the population of the historic section of Venice (without Mestre and the other mainland areas) is approximately 60,000? And that they receive over 7 million visitors a year?

Rio di San Girolamo, Venice

In the late afternoon we stopped for beer at a cafe on Rio di San Girolamo. We were the only customers for a while, until two Italian women met, kissed each other on the cheek, sat down, and ordered some wine.

Rio di San Girolamo, Venice

Our waiter was amused when I asked if I could take his picture.

Waiter, Venice

No gondolas, just the small private boats that function as cars in this city.

Rio di San Girolamo, Venice

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Piazza and Piazzetta San Marco, Venice

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 20, 2012

Piazza and Piazetta San Marco, Venice

I think this photo might be an unusual view of San Marco Square (Piazza San Marco) because it shows both the Piazza and the Piazzetta San Marco. The Piazza is the wide area on the right, with the red flag pole. The Piazetta is the┬ásmaller square on the left that opens onto the lagoon, just beyond the Doge’s palace. The front leg of one of the bronze horses above the doorway of Saint Mark’s Basilica is visible on the left side of the photo. The tall tower in the center is the campanile, another excellent place for photographing the city. It has an elevator and costs 8 euros.

This isn’t a composite. I took it with a Canon 10-22 mm lens (it also proved invaluable for photographing large cathedrals in small city squares). I was standing on the high walkway above the arches. This part of the cathedral costs an extra 10 euros but it includes the museum and access to the parapet, where you can photograph the Piazza from above.

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