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Winged Lion, Symbol of Venice

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 18, 2012

Winged Lion in Piazza San Marco

This photo was taken from the bell tower opposite San Marco Basilica. The winged lion is both a symbol of St. Mark the Evangelist (= San Marco), patron of Venice, and of the City of Venice itself. Winged lions are depicted in many piazzas. This lion on the stop of the standard is actually higher than the dome of the basilica itself. The telephoto lens compresses the distance so that it appears as if the lion is just above the tourists on the ground.

You can see the relative distance below:

Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice

2 Responses to “Winged Lion, Symbol of Venice”

  1. Penelope said

    Why can’t I see the 2nd photo?

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