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Old Man with Rosary

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 17, 2012

Old Man with Rosary

Back to Venice. I took this photo near the Fondamenta Nuove dock, where we caught the vaporetto (water bus) to Burano. I didn’t see this man from the front, so I don’t know whether he’s a priest. There’s a Jesuit church close to the dock. But in Italy he could be anybody. I photographed him because I liked the contrast between his black suit and white rosary and stones, beside the pink flowers. It would have been nice if the post box hadn’t been right beside him but it would have been too much trouble to Photoshop the wall.

3 Responses to “Old Man with Rosary”

  1. Great street photo!

  2. Penelope said

    I think it is a fire hydrant, not a post box.

  3. pam said

    First of all – this image is my absolute favorite from those taken in Italy. On the same par with the one i sent you a link to long ago of prayers at the wall. It is not so much the religious aspects in each one that appeals, but rather a pure, unvarnished, peak at humanity in moments of quiet meditation.

    Funny – To me the moment you captured speaks so loudly that i never even noticed the mail box or hydrant or whatever. It is entirely unimportant and takes nothing away from the emotion in the image.

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