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Sunset over Venice

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 15, 2012

Venice at Sunset

Italy is magical! Absolutely enchanting. I took this photo of sunset over Venice from the island of Lido. I sat on the pavement by the water for almost an hour taking shot after shot as the sun went down. In the end I chose this frame because I felt that the sunset without the sun in the frame emphasized the silhouettes of the towers and domes. The actual sunset was not very photogenic because the sun disappeared into a bank of cloud over the city.

If you haven’t visited Italy, try to do so once during this lifetime. It’s an easy country to navigate in English. If you are willing to learn a little Italian, you can go further afield and communication is a lot easier. The trains and buses are easy to use and they run on time. The coffee is divine and people were so friendly and helpful.

We spent three nights in Venice and seven nights in Florence (aka Death by Art). While we were in Italy I posted photos directly from my iPod. Now I’m sorting through some 4500 photos (plus a few videos) that I took with the Canon 550D, which will keep me busy for quite a while.


4 Responses to “Sunset over Venice”

  1. Awesome shot! It looks so fabulous! =)

  2. pam said

    4500 images?? Are you serious! ” Magical! Enchanting!” Me thinks Italy has cast a spell!

    I would have been there right beside you for the whole hour – waiting for “the” shot and shooting all along the wait. Your image is just simply stunning.and well worth the time it took for capture.

  3. Mara said

    Thanks for sharing these magnificent photos. I felt like an armchair travel or during your trip. So glad you had such a positive experience!

  4. Penelope said

    I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip to Italy. Now you have to read some of Donna Leon’s novels.

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