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Lag BaOmer Came and Went

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 24, 2012


I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I uploaded photos. Lag BaOmer (33rd day of the counting of the barley offering when the Temple still stood) was two weeks ago. Work’s been insane, so I haven’t had much energy for other activities in the evening.

Lag BaOmer is accompanied by frenzied burning of bonfires. Israeli children deforest the country, gathering scrap wood, shipping pallets, old furniture — if it burns, it’s not safe to leave outside during the weeks after Passover!

The photo of the two girls meeting on the street with their collection of tree branches, old chairs, and a plastic baby seat (doesn’t seem very good to burn) is a bit blurry because I was across the street and had to take the shot very quickly when cars weren’t in the way.

Other years I’ve photographed the bonfires. This year I stayed indoors because I prefer breathing clean air.

The Bnei Akiva (youth group) in our neighbourhood takes its contribution to local air pollution very seriously! They gathered an amazing quantity of wood for burning. The boys are unloading one truck while a car is driving up with another load.


My husband and I went to the annual fun day at Superland (amusement park in Rishon leZion), which my company holds every year. Our son didn’t come because he had activities at his pre-army academy that day. I didn’t take my big DSLR this time, just a small point&shoot. This photo was taken from the ground.


One of our annual traditions is the Congo raft ride. I held the small camera by the seat as we spun around. It reminds me of old computer games, so I chose an electronic audio track. Must be the feeling of spinning around and bouncing off such obviously fake rocks.


The Jerusalem Light Exhibit begins in about ten days but for the first time I won’t be photographing it. I’ll be in Italy for 10 days with the family!

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