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Bedikat Chametz

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 5, 2012

Bedikat Chametz

The evening before the Seder, we perform the ritual of bedikat chametz (Search for Chametz), searching our house for chametz (leavened food) using candles and flashlights. I wrapped ten pieces of cake (normally we use a pita but I threw out the last one while cleaning the freezer) and my son distributed them around the house.

This piece took us a long time to find. He attached it to the pull-chain of the ceiling fan. 🙂

I didn’t take the photo then and there. We recited Kol Chamira and I asked him to re-attach the foil-covered cake to the chain.

We’re getting there — the end is in sight! The kitchen has been switched over and I did a lot of cooking today. I am so glad we put an air conditioner in the kitchen. The dish kashering station is right outside my building and the sound of religious pop music and propane torches has been non-stop for a couple days now. (On the other hand, I am very glad not to have that job! Torching oven racks and boiling dishes must be horrible in this sharav ( “scorchingly hot, dry desert wind which blows from the Arabian Desert from May to mid-June and from September to October. It last for two to five days at a time” on this site).

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Countdown to Passover 5572

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 5, 2012

Kashering Dishes for Passover

There must be a universal law that when you’re kashering the kitchen (cleaning the oven, turning the stove on full blast) and kashering dishes (waiting in line beside huge propane burners while yeshiva students dunk your dishes in boiling water) that the weather shall turn hot. It’s hot in Maale Adumim. I live next to a mikveh where they set up the kashering station. I hear the propane burners start at 9 a.m. and they burn all day, until around 10 p.m. I’m lucky — I have a strapping teenage son who does the hot, dirty jobs for me and carries home the heaviest groceries. (I won’t be so lucky next year, when he goes into the army.)

Kashering Dishes for Passover

Kids always hang around to watch. They’re bored, too young to help with much cleaning, and they have to eat outside anyway, so they gather around the steps of the mikveh.


Here’s something I haven’t seen before: pre-cut celery for Passover. For the truly busy hostess….

Pre-cut Passover Celery

When I went for a run this morning, before the heat became intense, I saw two gazelles grazing among the purple flowers (desert rocket). I only had a little point-and-shoot camera with me, so this has been cropped and is a bit grainy.

Gazelles and Flowers

As of today I’m off work for the Passover holiday. This week we had a celebration in the dairy cafeteria. I didn’t have any wine because I was working on some financial documents but the nut tarts were good.

Wine Glasses

Pastries, pre-Passover celebration at work

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