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Light Rail Inspector Law

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 4, 2012

Railway Inspector Law (Russian, English)

This is the law governing the appearance of train officials in Israel. My husband did the English translation (checked afterwards by two people for accuracy) and Masha did the Russian translation (checked by her mother):

Statute for Railways (#6, 2011): Section13: Railway Official on Local Railway. Identification of a Railway Official
48. A Railway Official shall not exercise his authority unless he is wearing a uniform that identifies his position, of a color and form that do not permit him to be mistakenly identified as a police officer; he is openly wearing a tag that identifies him and his position; and after he has shown a railway official identification, signed by the franchise owner of the local railway company, that identifies him and his position.
Addendum 2012, section two: Obligations concerning outward appearance of a railway official:
(3) The railway official identification of section 48 shall bear the photograph of the railway official.

Поправка к закону о железных дорогах (#6, 2011)
часть 13: железнодорожный служащий в городском поезде
Идентификация железнодорожного служащего. Железнодорожный служащий не имеет права вступить в свои полномочия , если он не отвечает данным требованиям: служащий одет в полную униформу определяющую его должность, имеет идентифицирующую карточку с именем и должностью прикрепленную на видное место, и предоставляет удостоверение работника железных дорог заверенную и подписанную ответственным лицом.
Постановления о железных дорогах (поправка 2012)
Форма и внешность служащего железных дорог
(3) на идентифицирующей карточке служащего железных дорог должна присутствовать фотография служащего.

You can download the PDF here.

The law clearly says that you do not have to show your ticket or ID/passport to a Light Rail inspector UNLESS he is wearing a uniform that cannot be mistaken for a police uniform, he has a tag with his name and position, and that he has a railway inspector’s ID signed by CityPass, that identifies his name, his position, and bears his photograph. Currently, a few railway inspectors are starting to carry ID cards, as they should have done from the very first day. If you are approached by a railway inspector, you have the right to request to see his ID. You might want to carry a copy of the PDF, to settle any arguments, because some inspectors are not aware of this law or deny its existence.

As for the resemblance between a train official’s uniform and a police uniform, that is, admittedly, subjective. You be the judge.

CityPass inspectors:

Nasty CityPass Inspectors

Jerusalem Light Rail, Opening Day

Israeli police (photo by david55king, a Haifa-based policeman):

Israel's Finest - Gil and Shmulik

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  1. jtorgler said

    A very big THANK YOU to you and your husband from all of us who may be visiting (or living) in Jerusalem!!! May you and your loved ones continue to be richly blessed in your lives 🙂

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