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Damaged CityPass Posters: Who Do I Call?

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 29, 2012

CitiPass Poster, Central Bus Station

These photographs were all taken on March 27, 2012. When I photographed these CityPass posters, I was only trying to confirm that all the posters were in Hebrew. So I don’t have a complete set of all four posters (one at each shelter) of the Central Bus Station. I only have photos of three of the four. I noticed, after I looked at the photos, that the two posters in the busiest locations had the contact information obscured.

The poster above is on the side of the Central Bus Station, closest to the center of Jerusalem. You can see the main entrance of the bus station on the right. Someone has inserted tickets under the glass to cover the URL and phone number.

The poster below (opposite the one above) has been pulled out of the frame by its lower right corner and tickets have been inserted under the glass. This poster was photographed by the pathway that leads to Binyanei haUma. You can see the underground rail construction site on the right.

CitiPass Poster, Central Bus Station

This is an undamaged poster, photographed below, at the shelter closest to Center One.

Undamaged CityPass Poster, Central Bus Station

This is the  location of the shelter with the undamaged poster, just beyond the empty sign posts — sign posts that could have been used for Arabic, English, or Russian posters.

Jerusalem Light Rail, Central Bus Station


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