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Fun Day in Ofer Forest

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 25, 2012

Swinging Masha

(Above: Swinging Masha). At least we got to go out for a line fun day before Cisco takes over in the summer. This year we went to Ofer Forest, near Haifa and Mount Carmel. The flowers were gorgeous. I’ll post them separately. Here are a few photos from the rest of the day.

We met at the Modi’in train station at 8 a.m. After plenty of espresso and biscuits, we boarded a train headed for Tel Aviv. A snack box, blanket, and inflatable pillow (presents) were waiting on our seats. During the trip masseurs and a masseuse made the rounds. You really need to unwind after a one-hour train ride! 🙂

Massage on the train

Massage on the train

We disembarked in Atlit, where buses took us to an activity center at the top of one of the mountains in the Ofer Forest. They fed us a substantial brunch — after all, it was only an hour since we’d last eaten.


The tour company provided photographers, with a lot of cameras, battery grips, and a flash gun. You really need a flash gun for photographing pastries and salad. They’re notoriously difficult subjects. Besides salads, we had eggs, shakshouka, and foccaccio straight from the oven (our third feed that day). There was plenty of beer. You can work up a big thirst from all that cheese (and it was already 11 a.m.

Photographing Salads


After the brunch, there was zumba, roller-coaster rides, stretching, and just vegging out. I went on a 1.5 hour unauthorized hike with Asher and a few others:

Hiking in Carmel Mountains

The Ofer Forest (Ya’ar Ofer)/Hof haCarmel region is known for its beautiful scenery, cycling and hiking trails.

Carmel Forest

In the afternoon we were bused to the parking lot of Etsba ridge and went on a more serious hike over the ridge and into the caves. I’ll post those photos later.

We ate dinner at a winery in Caesarea. No photos of that because it was dark and who wants to see 120 sweaty people eating all that steak, goose, chicken, and fish? And red wine — lots of red wine. Our AA said that the winery was shocked that our group consumed 200 steaks. It was a very successful outing, with lots of activities and food and superb weather.

3 Responses to “Fun Day in Ofer Forest”

  1. jtorgler said

    So beautiful, and lots of fun! Makes me feel like I’m there with all of you 🙂 Can’t wait to visit someday before I’m too old to move 🙂

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