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Goodbye, VideoGuard – Hello, Videoscape

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 18, 2012

Goodbye, VideoGuard - Hello Videoscape?

Cisco is purchasing NDS for 5 billion dollars. John Chambers, Cisco CEO, quipped, “That’s one million dollars for each one of you!” Not that it will reach our pockets… It will be about six months, after the various anti-trust/regulatory hurdles have been cleared, before we start to see serious changes. We don’t know what will happen. We hope we will have jobs a year from now. In case you’re puzzled by the title of this posting, VideoGuard is NDS’s conditional access system. Videoscape is Cisco’s product. According to the Jerusalem Post, Cisco sees this acquisition as an opportunity to expand its deployment of Videoscape. No surprises there.

At 2:30 last Thursday we received an email inviting us to the official announcement of the Cisco takeover at the Dan Panorama hotel on Mt. Scopus (formerly the Hyatt), via live video from the UK. In the photo below, Abe Peled, NDS CEO (soon to be a Cisco Sr VP), walking across the stage. Seated, from left to right, John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Marthin de Beer (Cisco Sr VP, Video & Collaboration Group), and Dave Habinger (outgoing NDS CEO). The announcement was chaotic because we’re located in so many different time zones, so Israel heard before the UK and India, China heard but not Australia, and so on and so forth.

Announcement of Cisco Buyout

Announcement of Cisco Buyout

Several hundred of us were crowded into a hotel ballroom. I was lucky to get a seat in the pit at the front.

Announcement of Cisco Buyout

Announcement of Cisco Buyout

At least they fed us well. Roast beef, sushi, salmon, pasta, egg rolls, and fancy desserts.

You never starve at NDS

One Response to “Goodbye, VideoGuard – Hello, Videoscape”

  1. pam said

    We were hired last year to photograph a similar “takeover” event. So much expense and effort was put into telling employees their professional life might not remain the same for long.

    I hope this change will not affect you in any but good ways.

    Certainly an eclectic food offering!

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