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Not So Wild Flowers (Tame Flowers?)

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 9, 2012

White gerbera

The first two photos were taken in my neighbour’s garden. I’m very lucky to have a neighbour who has a well-tended garden right by the stop where I get picked up for work. Photos from his garden probably make up 60% of my Project 365 shots, especially when I’m lazy or don’t have time to look for interesting things to photograph. The flower in the first photo is a close-up of a small white gerbera with a purple center, Osteospermum Daisy. I love the blues, purples, and oranges in the center. Wish I had a macro lens, oodles of time, and good lighting! The flowers are in the shade at that time of the morning.

The second photo is from the patch of lavender by the path. The buds are just starting to flower.


The purple anemone with the sun behind it was photographed in the courtyard at work. A bee flew in just as I took one of the shots. I was going to discard it, then decided to keep it because the bee, although blurry, seemed to add a little interest to an otherwise rather static flower photo. Nice blurry background, though.

I photographed the anemone after taking the boring daily fig tree shot. Something has to happen to that tree soon. It’s spring now, right?

Purple Anemone

6 Responses to “Not So Wild Flowers (Tame Flowers?)”

  1. Love the colours Avital… Real nice details too..

  2. pam said

    Spanish Lavender by chance? Beautiful shot!

    Love the back lighting in the second and third shots.

    Shooting flowers is so tricky – and actually I prefer shade with a little reflected light or light overcast. And no wind! Ha! Not asking too much am I?

    • Avital Pinnick said

      I think Nachum said it was French lavender, but I really don’t know. Not a flower expert! Getting shots with no wind is nearly impossible around here! The anemone was shot during a momentary lull. Their big petals catch every breeze, so blurring is a problem.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      I just finished googling different lavenders! It’s French, not Spanish. Spanish lavender has thicker bracts and longer petals.

  3. I believe the first picture is Osteospermum Daisy, not a Gerbera. Lovely shot though! They’re one of my favorite annuals.

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