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Some Awesome Purim Costumes

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 8, 2012

Fiddler on the Roof

This “Fiddler on the Roof” costume has got to be the most original one I’ve seen in a while. The “legs” are a stuffed pair of pants. Even his violin was homemade. Maybe it’s a stage prop.

I was visiting a neighbour, when these children came by with mishloah manot (basket of food). The chips costume was made by the girl’s mother. The chip box was a cardboard carton hanging from straps on her shoulders, covered with coloured paper. The “chips” were blocks of yellow-painted foam, attached to the inside edge of the chip box. She also had foam blocks on her head.


I really, really want this chicken hat. It sits on top of the head with a tail in the back and legs over both ears. Sheryl bought it in the US. The writing on her shirt is the stamp that the Tnuva company puts on eggs. So clever!

Chicken hat

This is me, trying to decide which hat to wear. So hard to find the right hat for an outfit….

Which hat to wear?

And then there’s my son…. He came home from mechina (pre-army academy) today. This is not a wig. This is his real hair. A friend helped him bleach it with hydrogen peroxide.

My son's hair

I took this photo in the morning, just before they were about to start the megillah (Book of Esther). The megillah scroll is much smaller than a Torah scroll. Only the reader needs to have a kosher scroll; listeners can follow along with a printed booklet. It is traditional to unroll the entire scroll and then fold the folios upon themselves because the Book of Esther is referred to as a “letter” (see Est. 9:29; this was said to be the way that letters were read). The cylinder on the bima, above the books, is the megillah case.

Unrolling the megillah


5 Responses to “Some Awesome Purim Costumes”

  1. That Fiddler on The Rood is absolutely fabulous!! Great photos! Purim Sameach to you.

  2. LOVE the Fiddler on the Roof!

  3. Miriyummy said

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a close up shot of your son. Wow, you are going to have to beat the girls off with a stick!

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