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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 5, 2012


Who would have guessed that after the snow in Jerusalem and sleet in Maale Adumim we would have flowers so soon? I took all these wildflower photos today. The first 8 photos were taken in Maale Adumim with a Canon Powershot S95. I wish I were more knowledgeable about them! There were others that I didn’t photograph because I’ve got so many pictures of them in other years. Some of these were totally new to me, like the tiny red ones in the second photo.







The following photos were taken in a large park close to where I work. It’s not easy to get around because it doesn’t have footpaths. The single-lane road is busy. I think it would be better described as a conservation area than a park. Emek Erezim (Valley of Cedars) is located between Har Hotzvim and Ramot in Jerusalem, right beside the Menachem Begin – Golda Meir interchange. I was breaking my head over a software problem and wanted fresh air, so I took my camera and wandered outside for about half an hour. These photos were taken with a Canon 550D and 18-135mm lens.


Patch of wild cyclamen:

Wild Cyclamen


Red anemone:

Red Anemone

Red Anemones

I saw a larger patch of anemones on my way back to work. I want to try photographing it another day.

One Response to “Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!”

  1. pam said

    Oh how i wish i could join you with my own camera! I love wild flowers and miss all the many species that grow in more desert like locations.

    Thank you for sharing your images. I am unfamiliar with most of these and it is a real treat to see them. Sigh. Our southwestern deserts are probably just about ready to bloom now as well.

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