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Olafur Eliasson: Rainbow at the Israel Museum

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 29, 2012

Olafur Eliasson Installation, Israel Museum

I took this photo in the “Route of Passage” entrance hall of the Israel Museum. I liked the way it reflected off the floor tiles. The photo is more effective against a black background. I took the photo with a 50mm lens, having left my zoom lens in the locker because I wasn’t planning to take photos in the museum itself. (I did manage to sketch a lot of pagan statues and amulets, a Christian zoomorphic lamp, and a splendid demonic mask.) The work measures 50 x 8 feet.

Olafur Eliasson‘s installation, “Whenever the Rainbow Appears” (2010), comprises 300 individual paintings comprising the spectrum of colours visible to the human eye (more information on this commission at ArtDaily.) Born in 1967, Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic sculptor, best known for his large-scale installations in public spaces. He will be exhibiting at the London 2012 Olympics (slideshow of his work). For current and archived news articles about Eliasson, see his topic page in the New York Times.

Short video of “The Weather Project” at the Tate in London.

2 Responses to “Olafur Eliasson: Rainbow at the Israel Museum”

  1. pam said

    This exhibit must have been almost overwhelming – I love your shot so much as I think the reflection in the floor adds so much to the overall visual. I am assuming the other colors of the spectrum were included – did you manage to take pictures of them also?

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Hi, Pam, The other colours were there but I had a 50mm lens on my camera (mainly for its low-light performance), so I couldn’t get it all in. Also, I was shooting from the hip because the museum doesn’t permit photography, although they might have allowed it in the entrance hall, now that I think of it. The sigh said that photography wasn’t permitted in the galleries. Will have to try it with a wide-angle lens next time! 😉

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