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Orenburg Square Medallion Shawl – Approaching the Halfway Mark

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 12, 2012

Orenburg Shawl

Update (Feb. 16): As Isabelle and others have noticed, there are mistakes in the pattern. Fortunately, Mairi has written corrections on her Ravelry page.

I just realised that I’m long overdue for an update on this project. The pattern is the Square Medallion Shawl from The Gossamer Webs Design Collection: Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit. I was starting to despair of this shawl ever being finished.

I started knitting this shawl in linen and realised that linen isn’ t stretchy enough for Orenburg shawl construction, although it would have been fine for a Niebling doily. So I ripped it out and started over, using a lace-weight off-white wool (Botany Bay, probably a knitting machine yarn).

Then I found a hole:

Hole in Orenburg shawl

It was too large to ignore, so I ripped back 60 rows. That was painful. The wool was so springy that picking up yarn-overs proved tricky. In the photo below I ran a 1.5 mm circular needle through the stitches. Even working under a magnifying glass I still ended up with half the stitches from one row and the other half on another row.

Almost ripped back

After ripping out thousands of stitches (60×200 rows or so), I put away the project for a while. I resumed it after the pain of ripping out all those stitches had faded.

Have you tired of my knitting posts yet? 🙂 I was housebound for two weeks, so there wasn’t a lot to photograph. Now I’m back at work, with less time to knit.

9 Responses to “Orenburg Square Medallion Shawl – Approaching the Halfway Mark”

  1. Debbie M said

    This is beautiful, Avital! No, don’t stop showing the knitting. Or any other needlework, for that matter. Don’t you tat anymore?

    If that hole happened to me, I don’t think I would continue, it would probably stay at that point for years. Or, as I have done before, I’d take a piece of the yarn and fake a cover up of the hole with two very long woven in tails on each side. In short, It’s not in me to take out all those rows! Good for you for having the patience.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      LOL! I’m very stubborn. 🙂 But I have been known to put misbehaving projects in a closet until they mend their ways.

  2. Ella V said

    Beautiful, beautiful shawl!

  3. isabelle said

    hello from France,

    I am very impressed with your blog….and the beauty of your work in the medalIion shawl. I will follow your work with attention….Bravo

    have started the same medallion shawl but I have a lots of difficulties to make the other half as the pattern is only partially written and I am not that good in interpretation of patterns.,I also found out few mistakes in the writting???
    So could you share any information with me to help me in the making of this shawl? Did you re write the pattern? If yes could you share?

    Merci Isabelle

  4. Frankie said

    Good luck, Avital!
    It’s taken me half a year to finish mine, and I had to undo bits of it several times, but it was worth it. I actually had to expand the pattern to keep track of it. It’s probably too late to help you, but if you’d like to use it, the pdf is online:

    Click to access medallion_square_shawl.pdf

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks! I was wondering how I would manage after I get past the halfway mark and have to extrapolate. So far I’m managing with the quarter chart but if I run into problems I’ll check your version.

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