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Channeling My Inner Hobbit (Finished Cowl)

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 7, 2012

Finished Cowl

Finished Cowl

I wanted a really fast knitting project to use up some of my yarn. I was very surprised to find this bulky roving-type yarn in my closet because I almost never knit on needles larger than 4 mm. It must have been someone’s stash cull. It’s not the sort of thing I would buy. I have no idea of the yardage because there’s so little information on the label (Tsemer haHasidah “Berber”) but the entire piece took 430 gms of yarn. The pattern is called GAP-tastic Cowl, a free download on Ravelry.

Yarn order arrived

I haven’t purchased yarn for years, unless you count the small quantities to make kippot (yarmulkes) for the menfolk in my family. Someone told me about Esse, a site that sells Estonian yarn, so I bought 150 gms of Aade Löng Natural 8/2 in grey and Aade Löng Artistic 8/2 in “Rainbow,” along with some circular needles. The order was shipped within two days and arrived two days later by registered mail. I’m very pleased with the service so far. It seems to be located in Haifa.

The stock seems to vary from week to week (I couldn’t find the same grey yarn when I checked the site today) and is limited to Aade Löng wool in 3 weights, various Grignasco cottons, and a large selection of Addi needles and crochet hooks. Wow. When I came to Israel in 1989 it was nearly impossible to find lace needles, circulars in different lengths (other than 100 cm), and very thick or thin needles. It’s unbelievable to see how much is available nowadays.

Dust Storm, Maale Adumim

Today is my last day of sick leave. The stitches were taken out this morning and I’m wearing normal shoes again. I had hoped to run a few errands but the country is in the midst of a severe dust storm. A strong, bone-chilling wind is blowing sand and dust everywhere. The sky looks yellow. Normally you can see buildings on the hillside across the wadi. I took this photo from my balcony.

4 Responses to “Channeling My Inner Hobbit (Finished Cowl)”

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! You make such wonderful things. The picture you took is amazing. I’ve only been in a dust storm once in my life and it was pretty scary. Hope the sun comes out soon! Thanks for your post 🙂

  2. Stephanie said

    That is really great! I admire you for being able to knit. It is one of my goals to learn knitting. I crochet and I did a hooded scarf recently.

  3. pam said

    You look like you are dressed perfectly to spend a windy evening in the Sukkah!

    I love this shot! Who is the photographer?

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