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Murat Germen: Muta-Morphosis

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 17, 2011

Murat Germen (b. 1965) is a Turkish artist who uses photographs to create amazing cityscapes. He began his Muta-Morphosis series last year; it is a work in progress. More examples are on his site. His training is in city planning (B.Sc., Technical University of Istanbul) and architecture (M.A., MIT). His panoramic photos have an otherworldly feeling, with their disregard for perspective and proportion. The colours are intense and saturated. Germen’s montages make me think of a cross between David Hockney’s Joiners and El Greco’s View and Plan of Toledo.

Humanscapes is another one of Germen’s current projects. He combines candid photos of people, taken without looking through a viewfinder (I use the same technique, sometimes called “shooting from the hip”). In Germen’s words,

People are more concerned about their image than their actual state. This is why the media platform is full of beautified and idealized images of model characters that present the prototypical pretentious and illusionary appearances that people are supposed to adopt. This series of photographs, taken with a 15mm super wide angle lens from the waist level without looking through the viewfinder, is intended to obtain the candid face impressions and body postures and avoid the above mentioned deceitful manifestations.

portrait detail from 'humanscapes - street view' series, 2010-2011

portrait detail from 'humanscapes - street view' series, 2010-2011


One Response to “Murat Germen: Muta-Morphosis”

  1. He sure does offer up some quite unique perspectives doesn’t he…

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