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Garbage Truck: “Do not work on running organs”

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 6, 2011

Garbage truck signs in Israel

I first spotted this sign on our local garbage trucks (in Maale Adumim) a few weeks ago, while traveling by minibus to work. We were moving too fast in the opposite direction for me to photograph it, so I made a mental note to watch out for garbage trucks. This morning I heard a garbage truck emptying the bin at the bottom of the drive. I ran down, dashed across the street, and fired off a few frames.

Israeli garbage truck: "Do not work on running organs"

It’s interesting that the sign does not appear in Hebrew, only in English with a pictogram. I’m guessing that it means you’re not supposed to make adjustments to the internal mechanical parts while the motor is running. It reminds me of “ever min ha-chai,” the prohibition against eating part of animal while it’s still alive. 🙂

Someone pointed out that the second sign, “Do not open the machine while running,” is also open to creative interpretation! Does anyone know where these signs come from? Are they even Israeli?

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