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Tav Cafe

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 24, 2011

This video I made of the Tav Cafe performance is worth watching full-screen because there is so much going on.

We went back to the International Arts & Crafts Festival on Tuesday, August 22, and I made a five-minute video of one of the Tav Cafe performances. I was standing in the back corner, which isn’t really permitted, but I managed to record from a good angle. The fire dancer might be the same performer whom I photographed at the Jerusalem Light Exhibit but I’m not positive. Just noticed that no one seems to be shooting the performance with iPhones or pocket cameras, so possibly video/photography was not allowed. Oh well!

Tav Cafe

Here’s a short description of the performers from the Jerusalem Municipality site:

The Tav Group invites the audience to an inter-disciplinary experience. In their wandering courtyard artists and artisans work as a team, offering their guests their best goods, fulfilling all the needs of the body and the soul. Next to their choicest handiworks, they offer exquisite coffee, bread and honey or a glass of wine and cheese. Dancing shadow, story telling and song, gypsy tune, yoga lesson and more. The courtyard is built with a system of scaffolding and galleries, inside and outside – the upper floors of the galleries serve as stages for the performances – dance, music and theater. The lower floor serves as a bar and seating for the audience. In the center of the courtyard is a multi purpose stage and around it tables and chairs for eating and observing. A trapeze and rope for the acrobats are part of the construction.

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