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Liliyot Restaurant, Tel Aviv

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 19, 2011

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

I don’t often eat at upscale restaurants but it was my husband’s (belated) birthday dinner. He wanted to dine in Tel Aviv, as long as I chose the restaurant. I had recently received a token bonus (dinner for two) at work and this seemed like a good opportunity to use it. I chose Liliyot, a kosher meat restaurant located on Daphna and Weitzman street, in Beit Asia. Liliyot works with ELEM, an Israeli organization for youth at risk, training and employing fifteen youths every year for careers in the restaurant industry. The menu must change fairly often, because I did not see the dishes described by eLuna (Jan. 2011), Frommer’s (no date), Tel Aviv Guide (no date), Anthony Silverbrow (Jul. 2010), or Daniel Rogov (2009). I would say that the quality of the dishes is uneven but not bad if you order carefully.

The first thing I did at Liliyot was smash a wine glass. That gets you noticed every time. Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve ever broken anything in a restaurant. Look at the photo below. The ambiance is warm and informal. The wine glasses are over-sized, top-heavy, and perched at the edge of the tiny tables for two. I flipped over the menu and knocked my glass off the edge.

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

This isn’t a review because I didn’t sample enough food to draw general conclusions. I was very happy with what I ordered. The salmon sashimi starter, photographed above, was excellent — very fresh slices of raw salmon garnished with thickened soy sauce, a drop of herb sauce, and a salsa of diced cucumbers, green onions, canteloupe, and a few slices of red onion. The salad was refreshing and did not overpower the salmon. I ordered prime rib, medium rare, for the main course. It was seared on the outside and bloody at the center, a very good piece of meat accompanied by some mashed potatoes and zucchini/spinach. I guess prime rib is considered an unadventurous choice, but it was good! My husband began with a green salad, which turned out to be a handful of romaine lettuce drowning in balsamic vinegar. I don’t recommend it. (I tried to get him to order something else…) His main course was lamb shoulder garnished with strips of red pepper leather (like apricot leather, but made with red peppers) and wheat berries. I didn’t try enough of the lamb to form much of an opinion other than it was tender.

Liliyot restaurant, Tel Aviv

Liliyot also has a bakery (photo below). The statement on the wall is about the Liliyot/ELEM project.

Liliyot Bakery, Tel Aviv

The bakery has a cool ceiling….

Liliyot Bakery, Tel Aviv

Menu, in Hebrew. Not cheap. Liliyot is in the Asia Building, 4 Weizmann St. (corner of Weizmann and Daphna, across the street from the hospital), Tel Aviv, Israel. 03-609-1331

Liliyot menu (Hebrew)

Liliyot menu (Hebrew)

We were too full to order dessert but here’s the menu, in English. Sorry about the angle. I was tired.

Liliyot dessert menu (English)

4 Responses to “Liliyot Restaurant, Tel Aviv”

  1. Mimi said

    Avital, I’m just surprised I haven’t broken a wine glass at a resto yet. I do tend to drop napkins and forks though…

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Ah, but breaking a wine glass makes such a satisfying crunch! Someone told me a story about how breaking a wine glass is a sign of appreciation for the wine in certain cultures. However, I hadn’t even had a chance to order anything yet.

  2. Channah K said

    Liliot is one of my favorite restaurants in Israel. I love the food and the wait staff. The desserts are good — I hope you’ll go back and try them some time soon.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      It’s a bit out of my price range but if I got another chance I would certainly try them again! I seldom order a dessert in a restaurant because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

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