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Summer Party at Work

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 11, 2011

Summer Party at Work

Five hours for a party at work? OK, that leaves two hours at the beginning of the day for real work and two hours at the end to sober up or sleep it off. A little controlled debauchery is good for morale around here. I photographed Masha, drinking beer and cooling off in the fountain, and only noticed later that her sunglasses were reflecting the beach balls in the water. So the photo has been cropped considerably.

Summer Party at Work

Summer Party at Work

Summer Party at Work

A friend has assured me that bouncing around in an air-filled beach ball in a pool is a lot less fun than it looks. You can’t keep your balance, so you’re constantly falling over, it’s hot as hell in there, and by the end of the experience you’re running out of oxygen. So I would rather photograph it than do it. The guy on the right, a manager in QA, wasn’t doing a shoulder stand intentionally. He just fell over in that position while I was photographing him.

Summer Party at Work

Masha again, rappelling down the side of the building from the sixth floor. She says, “Everyone should jump off the roof of their work building at least once. It’s very therapeutic.” Some of my braver coworkers were riding the “Omega Zip” from the sixth floor, sort of a slide down a cable to the ground level. I don’t recall how they landed but they survived the trip.

Summer Party at Work

My main complaint was that there weren’t enough manicurists. I managed to get a 3:20 p.m. appointment to have my nails done. I also had a massage and decorated a straw hat. I didn’t bother with the decorated flip-flops because I don’t usually wear them.

Summer Party at Work

Waffles made on the spot, with chocolate, syrup, various things to sprinkle on top. They also served fruit wedges, fruit drinks with liqueurs and rum, beer on tap, popcorn, corn on the cob, and soft ice cream. How are we supposed to have room left for lunch?

3 Responses to “Summer Party at Work”

  1. Mimi said

    Jeez, places I worked at never gave us lowly ones such parties…

  2. pam said

    How totally cool that you shared this party! and I have to say, you certainly captured the fun and the spirit of it all.

    Just look at all the “grown-ups” behaving like kids! It’s great! GRRRRRRRRREAT!

    Especially got a kick out of seeing grown men tumbling around in the big plastic balls!

  3. Ann said

    Wow, that’s quite a party! Amazing coincidence… this is the second time today I’ve seen clear plastic pool balls an I’d never heard of or seen them until today! A relative posted a pic of her five year old son in one in a pool in Mexico and the poor boy did not look too happy. Now I understand why!

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