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Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 3, 2011

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

The Farmer’s Market on Emek Refaim has been around for years but I only got to it for the first time last Friday. It’s located at 12 Emek Refaim (courtyard of the ICCC building, second Egged bus stop coming from the center of town). If you’re expecting Mahane Yehuda, this market is much less busy, a combination flea market, organic produce, crafts, baked goods, toys, and housewares, with a little live music and chair massages thrown in. (We were leaving just when a tenor sax and electric piano duo started performing.) Some of the food businesses I have kashrut certificates (like Yotav cheeses and Herby’s Bakeshop) and accept credit cards. The market is open every Friday from 9 to 3 p.m. (or maybe 4; I found both times on the Web). If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday morning, the market is worth a visit. Just try to avoid the buses going down Agrippas!

I’m not sure which bakery was selling these breads and giving free samples of spreads but they looked delicious.

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

Kosher, hand-made, organic goat cheeses, from Yotav (Hebrew site). They’re inside the building, in a cool temperature, right by a small cafe (kosher) where you can relax with a cup of espresso.

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

The basil smelled amazing.

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

Pottery, clothing, and bags for sale. I didn’t buy very much, just some silicone pot-holders (the kind that look like a pair of beaks — how did I manage without them before now?) and a cleverly designed set of measuring cups and spoons, now hanging from my spice rack.

Farmer's Market, Emek Refaim

Some areas were very difficult to photograph because of the blue awning. The bread looked really weird!

Emek Refaim Farmer's Market

Update: Food Blogger Sara Melamed (Food Bridge) has just started a new photo gallery called Exotic Markets. She posts photos of exotic markets around the world and invites submissions. The Plugged-In Tour of Vancouver’s Granville Island Market sounds great! He’d need a serious amplifier to be heard at Mahane Yehuda.


3 Responses to “Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market”

  1. Miriyummy said

    We were there the other week. Cute little market. I was tempted to get that pirahna pedicure, but then through the better of it. We did get some great toys for the grandson!

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  3. pam said

    I want to go too! And i will be lingering at the cheese and the bread – and bringing home more than pictures!

    I totally love your shot for the squash and peppers.

    And the hand thrown pottery! Sigh! I would be in so much trouble shopping in your market!

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