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Jerusalem Festival of Light, 2011 (Part 3)

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 23, 2011

Bwindi Light Masks (Richi Ferrero, Italy)

One of the shortcomings of photography is that it isn’t very good at depicting motion or change. Video is much better. In this posting I’ve concentrated on a few exhibits that stood out in my mind on the last evening that I attended the Jerusalem Festival of Light. For more information about the artists and exhibits, go to the Jerusalem Festival of Light site. The photos in my Flickr set show other exhibits that I haven’t covered in this blog posting. There were just too many installations to post photos of all of them!

The Bwindi Light Masks in Zedekiah’s cave, a deep and ancient quarry under the old city, were fun to photograph. While music played, the lights changed colour and intensity, suggesting different expressions on the masks.

Bwindi Light Masks (Richi Ferrero, Italy)

Bwindi Light Masks (Richi Ferrero, Italy)

Bwindi Light Masks (Richi Ferrero, Italy)

Living Tiles is the name of the exhibit at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in the Christian Quarter. The tiles are created by participants standing under a camera. The church is in a very narrow alley, which makes it difficult to get a photo of the whole facade without an extreme wide angle lens. This was the best I could manage with 18mm.

Living Tiles (OCUBO)

When I got closer to the church I saw this man doing a funny dance. The square markings on the pavement show the range of the camera mounted directly above him.

Living Tiles (OCUBO)

The photo below is the man’s image, reflected and tiled.

Living Tiles (OCUBO)

Self-portrait: My husband is on the left, wearing a light blue shirt, medium blue backpack, and red kippah. I’m on the right, in dark colours, holding my arms out.

Living Tiles (OCUBO)

There was a lot more performance art this year, which made it almost impossible to see everything. You would need very good timing, a schedule, and luck with the crowds to see everything. We went on three nights and didn’t manage to see everything.

The two fire dancers below performed “Reflection” with large and small curved reflectors but I was at the side of the audience, not in a good position to photograph the reflections.

RAW, ISO 1600, 1/30 second, f/5.0, 18nn


RAW, ISO 800, 1/3 second, f/5.0, 18mm


The Fairy Tales Gate, a video installation projected onto the Damascus gate, was magical. I wish I could create something like this!

The Fairytales Gate (Joseph Meir Jimmy)

The Fairytales Gate (Joseph Meir Jimmy)

The Fairytales Gate (Joseph Meir Jimmy)

4 Responses to “Jerusalem Festival of Light, 2011 (Part 3)”

  1. milezaway said

    I like the last image very impressive.

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  3. […] the artist’s conception, it’s a little prettier but not much. Compared to the magical fairy tales video-mapping a couple years ago, this was a comedown. It’s a static projection of trees on the Damascus […]

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