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Fabric Shopping

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 14, 2011


When I was photographing Gail’s quilts, Gail suggested we meet at Bad Ratz (Ratz Fabrics). She works at Pardes, above the store. I can’t imagine being a quilter and working in the same building as a big fabric store! Great will-power and self-control.

I ended up buying a rotary cutter, a ruler (I already have a cutting mat), eleven cotton prints (1/2 meter each, 30 NIS/m), 1/2 m. of heatproof fabric for “platter” cover liners, and 1.5 m. linen for table napkins (I got a discount on the linen, normally 48 NIS/m).

I know I said that I don’t need a new hobby, but it isn’t really a new hobby. I started my first quilt (machine-pieced, hand-quilted) when I was 15 and finished it six years later. I also machine-quilted two small projects (portfolio cover and a cover for my Chicago Manual of Style, which had matching handles and an inkle-band bookmark). This would be a great way to use up my fabric stash. I could cover up some of the appliances on my kitchen counter, make bags to hold my lenses, etc. “Platter” covers make great gifts. You see the logic behind this? 🙂

Bad Ratz is in the building with Pardes and a Mazda dealership, on Pierre Koenig street in Jerusalem. They have a nice range of cotton prints from good mills in the US and UK, for 30 NIS/m. They also sell upholstery, evening-wear fabrics, linen, flannel, and a limited selection of quilt batting (Gail thinks the quality at Pissot is better, so keep that in mind).

The Israel Quilters Association (IQA, Hebrew site) is holding its annual retreat with classes and workshops at the Bayit veGan Guesthouse on Pisgat Street in Jerusalem, July 5-6, 2011. Non-members are allowed into the vendors’ hall, where Pissot and The Quilt Center (from Bustan haGalil) will have goods for sale. Hey, it wouldn’t hurt just to look, right? And to keep Gail company, of course.

Bad Ratz is accessible from the left side of the building, when you are standing on Pierre Koenig (address is Pierre Koenig 29, close to the new mall). It covers three store fronts and is quite a large store.

Bad Ratz (Ratz Fabric)

The bolt of DMC fabric leaning against the thread case is 14-count Aida. The rolls on the left are flannels (30 NIS/m). In the center one of the signs says, “Ultrasuede – 120 NIS/m”.

Bad Ratz (Ratz Fabric)

In the bottom photo you can see the corner with the cotton prints. The small display case in the center holds several models of Olfa rotary cutters, rulers, and packs of spare blades. That’s useful to know because apparently it’s not easy finding Olfa products outside quilting shops.

Bad Ratz (Ratz Fabric)

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