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Gail’s Quilts

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 13, 2011

Gail's Quilts

I’ve known Gail for years. She was our downstairs neighbour when we moved to Maale Adumim 17 years ago. Gail moved out of the neighbourhood for a few years, then returned recently and bought a house. I didn’t know she was an avid quilter until she posted a request for worn towels on our local chat list. When I asked her what she was doing with the towels, she told me that she makes quilted platter covers (“platters” are the electric warming trays on which we heat our food on Shabbat). She also makes lovely baby quilts and wall hangings. I went over the other day to photograph some of her quilts and we made a tentative date to go to Pissot together (because I really need another hobby, right?!).

Gail has been quilting for about four years. She got hooked by a friend in Memphis, TN, who took her to a local quilting group. Some of her quilts are based on kits but she tries to add something original, like beads and unusual quilting designs. She does the piecing and quilting on a lightweight Brother portable sewing machine.

Here is a wall hanging for her daughter Ilana: The orange and brown prints are stunning against the pale blue wall.

Gail's Quilts

This closeup shot shows the tiny flower beads that she sewed on the dresses.

Gail's Quilts

The crib quilts usually started out as kits. She machine quilts them with a darning foot, often in meandering patterns.

Gail's Quilts

Anyone remember Dick and Jane and Spot? This block quilt is based on prints from the old reading series. A quilting template of tissue paper is still attached to this quilt in progress.

Gail's Quilts

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