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Jerusalem Day, 2011

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 5, 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

I suppose this photo could be called “Dancers in Front, Daveners [pray-ers] in Back”. I took a few photos of the Jerusalem Day march.

Jerusalem Day 2011

An animated discussion by the Paratroopers’ Memorial. I’m not sure what these guys were discussing but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

I love photographing tourists:

Jerusalem Day 2011

Damascus Gate. Pity it was under scaffolding, as it’s the most elaborate of the Old City gates:

Jerusalem Day 2011

Four girls coming through the Damascus Gate. Actually the girls’ route was to the Dung Gate on the other side of the Old City but things got a bit confused by this point.

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

The Western Wall plaza was really crowded, so we went up the steps to one of the streets overlooking the plaza. I created this panorama from three photos (click to view a larger version on Flickr):

Western Wall, Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

Jerusalem Day 2011

Incidentally, the archaeological site in the foreground of the photo above a newly discovered secondary branch of the Cardo (Roman marketplace). Ancient maps show that the Cardo had several branches, but until recently their location was unknown. A few of the other photos are in my Flickr set.

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  1. […] was in the re-built and re-opened Hurva Synagogue in the Old City on Jerusalem Day. If only I had had my wide-angle lens with me! These photos were taken from the women’s […]

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