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Couple Jerusalem Day Videos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 1, 2011

Happy Jerusalem Day, everyone! Jerusalem Day marks the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. It’s not a civil holiday, like Yom Atzmaut (Independence Day), so I’m at work, but I hope to leave early for the flag dance. The video above is a 6-minute video about what the Western Wall means to Jews by Aish haTorah, a yeshiva based in Jerusalem. Some of it’s a little over the top but it’s still a nicely produced video.

Not on the same scale at all is my video, below. My son was playing in the band from Netiv Meir Yeshiva High School last year, so I went to the flag dance and shot some footage. (My son plays the electric guitar, second from the left in the last section, in front of the gutted Palace Hotel. If you want a challenge, try following a float surrounded by dancing boys, while shooting video and stills!). There are bits of different bands and a group from Kinor David Musical Yeshiva High School in Jerusalem. This year I didn’t bring a video camera, just a DSLR.

Now that I see this video again, I’m starting to regret not bringing the camera and making another video. I use my old Canon PowerShot S5, which is a lot of weight to drag around, in addition to the Rebel XSi. Hmm. Maybe I should start saving for a DSLR that does video, like the Canon T1.

On the other hand, one problem that I have when editing videos with music is that I hear the audio track non-stop, during my waking hours and sometimes in my sleep. It’s like having the worst ear worm you can imagine — it doesn’t fade for months. When I asked a musician friend, he said, “I’ll bet you have perfect pitch, right?” I do have perfect pitch and I think it’s one of the most overrated “gifts” in existence. He said that my hearing the audio track was an indication of unusually keen pitch memory. (He had to stop tuning pianos for the same reason, because he would hear the out-of-tune piano notes playing in his head, over and over.) For me, perfect pitch is a curse.  I really enjoy shooting and editing my own videos but ones with music in them are problematic. Sigh.

2 Responses to “Couple Jerusalem Day Videos”

  1. Miriyummy said

    I love how even the security guards are dancing along to the music.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      The people in yellow vests? I don’t think they’re security. I think they’re sadranim (organizers) but I could be wrong. I’ll have to look at it again!

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