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Strange Fruit in Jerusalem

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 24, 2011

Strange Fruit

The Israel Festival, a four-week season of dance, classical music, dance, and theater, opened last night (Israel Festival English site). Last night we watched one of the opening performances in Zion Square, Jerusalem. The Australian dance troupe, “Strange Fruit,” performed Three Belles, one of seven works in their repertoire. The performance was part dance, part circus — graceful, hypnotic, and sometimes humorous, movements set to music, performed on 5-meter flexible poles.

The dancers shinned up the poles in pantaloons, strapped their legs into the loops, hoisted hoop skirts on pulleys and fastened them around their waists. I love the costumes, especially the elaborate hats.

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Video of Three Belles:

2 Responses to “Strange Fruit in Jerusalem”

  1. bluebowtie said

    Very nice colors! Very, very mesmerizing!

  2. How crazy are those three belles… That certainly must take some confidence and trust in the equipment to get used to…

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