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Meeting Another Blogger

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 11, 2011


Today was a milestone, the first time I’ve ever met someone through this blog! Miriam Kresh (Israeli Kitchen), a Petach Tikvah-based freelance writer, suggested that we get together for coffee, so we met in Jerusalem this evening. She was toting her Nikon and I had my Canon, so we took a few photos in an alley near Bezalel.

Miriam spotted this monster grape vine. It was growing on the right side of this tiny parking lot, up the side of the building and across the wires to this pool. From there it sprawled in all directions. She noticed that no one was picking the grapes. I’ll bet the birds love it more than the residents do.

Monster Grape Vine

Burning bush graffiti:

Burning Bush graffiti

We chatted over bowls of tomato and rice soup in Cafe Cafe, before sharing a taxi to Binyanei haUma to catch our respective buses. I really enjoyed meeting someone whose blog I’ve been following for over a year. Hope this time won’t be the last!

I tinkered a bit with the Illustrator file of the flag I created a few days ago and changed the blending mode of the text to overlay. Big improvement. Now the text has a more natural effect, as though it’s printed on the flag and affected by the light.

Flag with haTikvah text

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Yom Atzma’ut/Israel Independence Day 2011

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 11, 2011

Yom Atzmaut 2011 in Maale Adumim

Fireworks display at 10:30 p.m. in Maale Adumim. OK, I have to confess that the fireworks didn’t really look like this! 🙂 It’s a composite. But it would have been nice if they had.

Here are a few real shots:




The rest of the fireworks photos are in my Flickr set.

And of course I have to include a few photos of flags:

Israel Independence Day/Yom Atzmaut 2011

When I was photographing the house in the photo above I noticed a puppy watching me at the gate. He disappeared after I took a couple shots. I tried calling him, hoping he would go to the same place. Instead he jumped through the fence, started licking my hands, and followed me for half a block. At least I got one of the photos with him at the gate.

Puppy and Flag - Israel Independence Day 2011

I was playing with Illustrator and decided to morph the text of HaTikvah as though it was on a flag (I should have used a blend mode like multiply or overlay). The flag is not in the traditional position for flags (staff on the left), but I left it this way because the Hebrew words run from right to left and look odd when the lines start at the loose end of the flag and end at the staff. The flag photo isn’t anything special. I photographed it at the traffic circle in Mitzpeh Nevo.

HaTikvah Flag

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