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Tip for Counting Loops in Puncetto Base

Posted by Avital Pinnick on May 8, 2011

Puncetto base with stitch counter thread

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so I’m always trying to find short-cuts. I’ve started working some of the larger coloured Puncetto motifs from the book Manuale del Puncetto colorato. (One of these days I will write a review!) Because counting the loops on the side of the base is extremely tedious, I use a marker thread to mark every tenth loop. It takes no extra time to work the edge stitch around the thread and it makes counting a lot easier.

5 Responses to “Tip for Counting Loops in Puncetto Base”

  1. Onna said

    Avital, what a good idea that helps in long cast on stitches for knitting too. I didn’t think of it for this. I am trying daily to come up with a firm stitch and an even stitch tension. omg..this is not easy.
    Thanks to all the lovely tutorials of yours and our group I am so hooked on this new adventure.

    • Avital said

      That’s where I got the idea. I used to knit shawls with hundreds of stitches. The firm stitches come with practice! I had trouble at first, too, because all the other forms of needle lace require open loops for their lacy effect.

  2. fireandair said

    Thank you so much for these wonderful posts about puncetto! I’ve only just discovered it, and it’s really satisfying my desire for a form of lacemaking that is as low-tech and portable as possible, and that uses as few implements as possible. As you’ve already observed, finding information about puncetto in English is a real poser. Thanks SO much for putting this information up! I owe you a bottle of wine!

  3. I love puncetto lace. I’ve taken it up and been practising motifs. What I’d love to know is how to move from a finished motif to another, especially when you need more than one row of them. I’ve been having to find tidbits here and there online because, unfortunately, I don’t speak any Italian. Any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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