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Passover: Almost There!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 18, 2011

I was hoping to post my Hula Valley photos, but things have gotten rather busy at home, with Passover starting tonight (Monday, April 18) and my mother-in-law staying with us (keeping her occupied and drinking enough water is a job in itself). So I’m posting a few of my daily photos of the preparations.

April 15: Cupboards clean, marked, and stocked. The whiteboard markers have been so useful, because later I marked what was where (meat cutlery, milk cutlery, pans, etc.). It’s great because not everything is in its usual place and because it makes it easier for my mother-in-law to find a spoon when she wants a cup of tea. My kitchen doesn’t look very attractive but it makes it a lot easier to tell my son or husband where to unload the shopping.

Passover countdown

April 16: Sinks and counter kashered after Shabbat. That’s when we discovered that the electric urn we use to keep water hot over Shabbat and Yom Tov died. Well, better before the holiday than during it! Another item on the shopping list….

Freshly kashered drain

April 17: We love close to the local mikveh (that’s our flat on the top of the building on the left, in the background). It gets really noisy when they set up the stands for kashering dishes in our neighbourhood. All day long you hear blow torches, boiling water, clattering dishes, and loud hassidic or Sephardi music (can’t really blame them — it’s a terrible job in brutally hot weather). People bring dishes to switch over to Passover by boiling or burning with a torch. New dishes, not made in Israel, are dipped in the mikveh (that’s what the man is doing at the top of the short flight of stairs on the right). The weather has been very hot for the past couple days. It’s supposed to start cooling tomorrow.

Preparing dishes for Passover

April 18: Day of the seder. We burn leftover chametz (leavened food, like bread, cereals) in the morning. What a reek. I scalded my right thumb this morning kashering the microwave but it’s feeling a little better now. I can type on a keyboard but focusing my camera for this photo was a challenge because I’d set up my camera for back-button focusing. There is an adult supervising to make sure the chametz gets burned.

Burning Chametz (leavened foods)

Well, time to get lunch started. I’m happy to report that this year I managed to get proper meals served regularly and didn’t order in a single pizza or eat outside the house! Seder cooking is done.

I’m getting tired of potatoes…. Check with me in a week and I’ll be whining about how tired I am of matzah. 🙂

Everyone, have a kosher and happy Passover!

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