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Marking My Cabinets… Passover Countdown!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 10, 2011

Marking my cabinets with whiteboard markers!

When I was looking through a drawer for scissors I found a couple red and green whiteboard markers. Eureka! I marked my kitchen cabinets with chametz (for the non-Passover dishes), TBD (= to be done, i.e., cleaned for Passover), and Pesach (already clean for Passover). I have to confess to feeling a sense of accomplishment at wiping away most of the TBDs tonight and writing Pesach. It also gives my husband a place to put the Passover groceries that we’ve started buying. I’m hoping that the red/green colour will also help my mother-in-law distinguish between the cabinets (she arrives this Thursday for a two-week visit).

I started Pesach preparations last night (seriously!), by packing away baking dishes, spices, non-Pesach food, utensils, pots, etc. Tonight I marked the cupboards, cleaned them (except for a couple that still have odds and ends), and washed the dish rack cabinets and some of the dirtier sections of wall and fridge. Haven’t started the appliances or heavy cleaning yet but I’m not worried because I have a strapping, very helpful teenage son coming home in a couple days! He’s great at doing the heavy cleaning, lifting, and anything that requires a long reach. I’m really grateful for the time I have him around to help — he won’t be so available when he starts his army service.

Last week my husband and I went for a short break to the Hula Valley area up north. Will post bird and critter photos later! It won’t be tomorrow, though, because I have a department fun day with coworkers and won’t be home until late.

P.S. For heaven’s sake, don’t try this on anything other than plastic laminate-covered cabinets! I do not want to be responsible for ruining your oak, steel enamel, corkboard, or whatever. Test on the inside of a cupboard where it won’t show and make sure that you can get the whiteboard marker off. Mine comes clean with window cleaner.

Another tip: Beach Boys CDs make Pesach scrubbing much more tolerable.


One Response to “Marking My Cabinets… Passover Countdown!”

  1. mara said

    thanks for the creative idea of marking progress in our Pesach preparations. it’s good to be reminded how we’re all in the same process of “getting ready to leave the slavary of Egypt” next week.
    Wishing everyone a Wonderful Pesach holiday!

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