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Tel Aviv: Some Random Photos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 4, 2011


I never get tired of photographing Tel Aviv. Here are some shots I took the day I went to see the Chihuly exhibit. This waterlily was in a fountain near the Arlozoroff station.

Tel Aviv and Water Lilies

Statues outside the entrance of Museum Tower on Berkovitz Street.

Museum Tower, Tel Aviv

Geraniums on the windowsill of one of those big, anonymous office buildings. Photo taken from the balcony of the Litvak Gallery.


A couple glass sculptures (“Janus”) by Swedish glass artist Bertil Vallien, photographed at the Litvak Gallery. I stitched three photos together.

Bertil Vallien, Janus

Bertil Vallien, Janus

There was a fitness festival, “Active Tel Aviv,” in Rabin Square (we walked from the Litvak Gallery to the port for dinner).

Tel Aviv Fitness Festival

Woman trying to tie the curtains of a chuppah on a balcony above the Tel Aviv port.

Chuppah in tne Wind

Photo of the Azrieli Center taken from the bus station, just before we boarded our bus to Jerusalem. Hand-held. (No way was I going to shlep a tripod all that way.)

Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv

4 Responses to “Tel Aviv: Some Random Photos”

  1. You sure did manage to capture some great shots from your day out and about in Tel Aviv… Love the last one, and the way the building just glows…

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks, FS. It’s a very cool building to photograph and I don’t get many opportunities to do so. I just happened to have a reasonably clear view of it from the parking lot of the bus station.

  2. pam said

    I agree with “FS” that last image glows. But my favorite is the water lily. The most beautiful image I have ever seen of a water lily. You should be especially proud of that one.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks, Pam! I was afraid that maybe that lily picture was a bit over the top — quite saturated. Maybe I can sell it to a yoga studio chain. 🙂

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