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Puncetto Italian/English Glossary

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 22, 2011

I’m still working on a review of the basic Puncetto Valsesiano book and hope to finish it soon. In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of words from both books. I hope that it may save you some time thumbing through dictionaries. (If you notice any errors, please let me know! Thanks.)

Italian English
agganciarsi connect
aggiungo add
ago needle
alzarsi con … build up (sides of motif)
andata “going” (working left to right)
anello ring
angolo angle, corner
asoline slots
autin Not an Italian word. Describes square worked diagonally, like a diamond
base base
buco open (square)
cambio exchanging (threads, adding a new thread)
chiusura close
cimosa edge
colonnina column
consigliano recommended
destra right
doppiare doubling (thread)
eseguire do, make
fare do, make
filo thread
foglioline leaves
gamba leg (e.g., spoke of a scallop edge or part of spider)
girandole pinwheel motif
giro round (when working a circular piece  like a doily)
grande large
inferiore lower
inizia begins
insieme together
larghezza width
lasciare leave
laterale side
lavorano work
lunga long
lunghezza length
medio medium
mezzogiro “half-turn.” Interrupting a horizontal row to work backwards, then forwards. Analogous to short rows in knitting/
motivo design, pattern
nodo knot
ogni each
particolare detail
passaggio step, stage
piccolo small
pieno solid (square)
pippiolino picot
puntine triangular points, often used to decorate edges of handkerchiefs or tablecloths
punto stitch
ragno spider (motif)
ragna superbia Literally “proud” spider. Complex spider with double or triple “legs”
ragnetto spider
ricordarsi remember
riga row
ritorno “returning” (working right to left)
rosetta little rose (4 rectangular blocks arranged in a circle)
rotondo round
salta skip (a knot)
schema diagram, pattern, layout
senza without
sinistra left
spiegazione explanation
stella Literally “star.” Refers to basic Puncetto squares
stelle miste mixed stars (squares)
stessa same
stoffa fabric
striscia band, strip
terminare end, finish (vb)
tessitura weaving, webbing
testa di morto Death’s Head (X in a space), now often called Cat’s Paw, because it sounds nicer.
tutte all
uguali equal
ventaglietto little fans
verso destra to the right
verso sinistra to the left
vuoto empty (square)

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