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Purim Costumes

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 20, 2011

I live close to a pre-K, so I took these photos on Friday morning when the children were arriving in costume for their Purim party.

Purim Costumes

I love the expression on this little girl’s face. She wasn’t scowling at me. She was squinting in the sun and had her tongue out the side of her mouth at the same time.

Purim Costumes

There are always lots of brides. I’m surprised that this one turned out, considering I was 2 stories above her and she was walking behind a fence.

Purim Costumes

Snow White and Noah, with a foam ark over his shoulder (it looks like a shoulder bag but it has “Noah’s Ark” written on the side).

Purim Costumes

Purim Costumes

Older children, on their way to school.

Purim Costumes

Purim Costumes

One of the requirements of the holiday is to give at least two items of food to a friend. That’s why this little girl in pink is carrying a basket of sweets.

Purim Costumes

In the middle of the morning, when there’s no traffic on the streets, the pre-K children, the teacher and her assistant go into the street for one quick song and dance in a circle. I wasn’t able to photograph them in a circle because the trees in the garden between my building and the street have grown so big, so I ran downstairs to take a few photos.

3 Responses to “Purim Costumes”

  1. bluebowtie said

    This post made me feel like I was the one viewing from your window 🙂

  2. deanna7trees said

    oh that is so sweet. thanks for posting that. i remember those days long, long ago.

  3. pam said

    Oh Avital, these are simply wonderful images. I would be hard put to pick my favorite. You have done a fantastic job of capturing what I am sure are very exciting moments in these children’s lives.

    thank you so much for sharing.

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