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Happy Purim!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 20, 2011

I managed to get up the hill with my not-quite-healed foot and photograph the annual Adloyada parade that marks Purim in Maale Adumim (and other places, most notably Holon). Then I hurried home and arrived in time to photograph the street dance in my neighbourhood. I baked an apple galette, wrapped it in a bath towel, and my husband and I took a taxi to join some friends for the festive meal. Our son decided to go to the other side of the country — Karnei Shomron — for the meal and then will go directly to his yeshiva. As he put it, “We drink. We party. We throw up. We sleep.” I’m glad to hear that the rabbanim and madrichim (rabbi teachers and counselors) are around to keep an eye on things.

I will post photos or a slideshow when I’ve sobered up sufficiently. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m posting a link to the Purim street dance of 2009. Amazingly, it’s had over 3500 views, quite a large number for something as isolated as a local Purim celebration. Someone told me this morning that people are still watching it because it gives them a warm feeling about Purim in Israel. I really like this video because it was one of my first videos, taken when I could barely hold a camera straight. It was beginner’s luck that I happened to zoom in on the bus driver when one of the kids handed him some candy. Where else but in Israel would you have a kid giving mishloah manot to a Jewish bus driver whose route is being blocked by a Purim dance? I recommend that you watch it with the sound on, because I edited it carefully and it does make a difference. The sound track is the original. I didn’t dub the music.

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