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Digital Painting 101

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 18, 2011

I found this video on Lifehacker. It’s a time-lapse video of Matt Kohr’s Photoshop drawing tutorial. I’ve never tried digital painting but I have great admiration for people who do it well.

Actually, this is more than just a time-lapse video. It’s narrated and summarizes his earlier tutorials in the series.

The entire set of video tutorials, Digital Painting 101, is found on Matt’s blog, Ctrl+Paint. He posts mainly videos about Photoshop, although he also has some brushes and textures for download.

If I ever win the lottery, which is about as likely as a heretofore unknown wealthy relative dying and leaving me a fortune, I’m going to buy a Wacom tablet and retire to a desert island with all my craft supplies until my hands give out.

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