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Book Photos

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 6, 2011

Product photography. It’s not glamorous but it brings in a little extra cash.

A co-worker asked me to photograph a book that he plans to sell on eBay. He has screen captures of individual pages but he wanted photos that show the actual book. It was so much easier to do these shots with a proper tripod. My old tripod would have “drifted” and balked at minor adjustments but this one was steady as a rock. I photographed these on my coffee table, with a background of white craft foam, under my homemade light setup (aluminum pie-plate reflector on a large, soft incandescent bulb, tied to the head of the old tripod). Afterwards I added a mask in Photoshop to create the pure white background. All my struggles with the Pen tool while learning Illustrator were not in vain. It was easier than using the Quick Select tool because Quick Select had trouble differentiating between white pages and white background. Also, unlike Quick Select,  the Pen tool selection doesn’t have “jaggies” (aka uneven edges).



I photographed a bat mitzvah last year and the mother finally got around to turning the photos into a Lupa book. I’m always a bit hesitant when people tell me that they want to handle the prints or albums themselves because some people never get around to printing the photos. I was very pleased with Devra’s finished product. She made a large book as the main album and two small ones, one of which will be sent to her mother-in-law in the US. Hmmm. Maybe I should design a photo book for myself!


One Response to “Book Photos”

  1. Hopefully the shots helped to sell the books for your friend… Came out real nice with your home made lighting setup..

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