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Night out in Jerusalem

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 4, 2011

Purple Water

I was out the other night meeting my husband’s relatives for coffee and dessert at a hotel in Jerusalem. The photo above is a close-up of the water splashing in the small fountain in Paris Square, at the intersection of King George and Agron, by the Terra Sancta building. (Doorway photo below)

Door, Terra Sancta, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Great Synagogue:

Jerusalem Great Synagogue at night

View from the penthouse balcony of the Dan Panorama Hotel (formerly the Moriah). It’s not very good be cause parts are out of focus and not lined up, so don’t look too closely!

Jerusalem Panorama

Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, photographed from the same balcony.

Mount Zion, Jerusalem, at night


3 Responses to “Night out in Jerusalem”

  1. Real nice selection of night shots there Avital.. I especially like the last two… and the 2nd and 3rd ones… and the first one is pretty neat too… 🙂

  2. pam said

    OK the first image is really cool. And that coming from someone who absolutely does NOT like abstract art. But here i am – lovin’ this image!

    And now I am going to “scold”. You really must stop apologizing for slight imperfections in your images. There are NO perfect images. But most of yours are pretty darn close. In my opinion you should be proud of every one.

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