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Thing-a-Day, 2011

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 2, 2011

February 2011

(This mosaic is actually from my Project365, but there’s so much overlap that it seemed appropriate. Also, the posting looked a little bare without a single photo.)

I managed to post every day of February for Thing-a-Day, 2011. It is definitely easier to produce something every day if one of your hobbies is photography. If your only hobby is miniature needlepoint rugs, then you have to post a daily stitch count or some such thing. I tried not to turn this project into a duplicate of my Project365 but there is some overlap, especially on days when I was too tired to do anything else.

Here’s the rundown:

  1. Photo: Forgotten Fruit, selective colouring with Photoshop
  2. Flash: spider animation (link goes to TAD site because I don’t have enough room on a free blog to start uploading my animations). Exercise done for a class
  3. Puncetto Valsesiano tutorial: Web motif
  4. Black lentil soup. Sorry, didn’t bother writing the recipe. Part of my Shabbat cooking
  5. Photo: Playground at night. Went out after Shabbat and took pictures of the neighbourhood after the rain
  6. Photo: Honeysuckle buds
  7. Photoshop: Photographed a manager at work and put him into our corporate template
  8. Photo: Fire near Al Zaim. They’re still burning stuff there at night, but on a much smaller scale. No idea what’s going on there.
  9. Photo: Rosemary, That’s for Remembrance. Quick shot taken while walking to minibus that takes me to work
  10. Photo: Sunset Reflections. Was sitting at my desk and saw the setting sun reflected on the windows of the building on the other side of the field.
  11. Photo essay: Walk around the block. Camels, goat, hyraxes. “Life in Israel” shots. Walked around the block after the Shabbat cooking on Friday and got lucky with the wildlife
  12. Photo: Weeds at night. Another post-shabbat evening, not knowing what to photograph. Went outside and shot a few frames
  13. Photo: Tefillin stand. Another “life in Israel” shot
  14. Photo: Sign of spring. Yup, another retread of the honeysuckle bush. I rely an awful lot on my neighbour’s garden near the bus stop.
  15. Photo: Geranium. Same neighbour, same garden. Planter box on the wall. Can you tell I wasn’t feeling very inspired that week?
  16. Photo: Tecoma Stans (Yellow Bells). No prizes for guessing whose garden again….
  17. Puncetto Valsesiano tutorial: Diamond. YES! Something that isn’t growing in Nachum’s garden! Adding Flash animations to my tutorials has removed a lot of the border and pressure. When I’m tired I don’t do needle lace very well. With Flash I don’t have to worry about messy stitches.
  18. Sourdough bread. My starter was starting to look like a swamp. Seemed like a good idea to make some bread. Pre-shabbat baking
  19. Photo: Cloudy Moon. Another one of those “it’s dark out what the heck am I gonna photograph but it’s better than doing dishes” moments.
  20. Photo essays: Rainy Day. OK, this was actually interesting. I discovered that if you focus midway between the rain running down a window and the trees blowing around outside, you can get some interesting abstract effects. The streams of water distort the image.
  21. Lace mapping: Used Photoshop to map the motifs in the Italian bobbin lace Torah binder. One of these days I’m going to post about it. Just not sure what to write but it’s an interesting piece.
  22. Photo essay: Sewing Buttons. Yinnon sewing buttons on his coat.
  23. Photo essay: Imploding Almond Flowers. What a difference a lens can make. I found it impossible to do these zoom effects with the 18-55mm kit lens, even with a tripod. It’s much easier with the 18-135mm lens. These photos were taken in the parking lot at work. Handheld camera.
  24. Photoshop: Me and my new tripod. A “mini me” composition. I’ve been watching video tutorials on Photoshop comping and am getting a lot better with the masks and shadows. Still more to learn but I’ve come a long way from my first attempts!
  25. Knitting: Grey leg warmers. Wearing them right now. Bit slouchier than the old ones but they’ll be useful on cold days. I never knitted much winter gear until I took up photography as a hobby. It can get very cold, taking outdoor shots. Saw 11 gazelles in the wadi when I went for a walk but didn’t have a camera with me! Argh.
  26. Embroidery: Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing. Almost finished the second page of the chart! Also passed the 10% milestone.
  27. Photo: Fox trot. Hoped to see at least a couple gazelles but they weren’t around. I managed to grab this shot of a startled fox. Beautiful tail!
  28. Illustrator: Fruit basket. My first drawing in Adobe Illustrator. It’s not perfect (is there such a thing?) but I was pleased with how it turned out. Got a lot of practice with the pen tool and the gradient annotator!

Thing-a-Day was fun but I’m not sure if I’ll do it again. It’s almost become a victim of its own popularity. This time round, I discovered that I couldn’t keep up with the postings or the comments. According to my Gmail labels, I have 5192 unread TAD postings and 1741 unread TAD comments (not on my work, on the site in general).

I couldn’t figure out how to get notifications of comments on my own work (even from within my profile), so I couldn’t reciprocate with comments, which meant that most of the time I just posted and never followed up.  Maybe Posterous has a way of accessing these features.  I couldn’t find it. So I didn’t take full advantage of the social networking aspect of TAD.

I wish that I could have tried more projects but I didn’t have the energy and wasn’t feeling very inspired. You can see how lazy I got by the second week (“OK, gotta post something. Let’s point the camera at one of Nachum’s flowers….”)! Part of it is that photos (snapshots, really) are instant gratification and part of it is that I’ve reached a stage in most of my arts/crafts where I spend a lot more time thinking and planning. I’m not a beginner in most of my hobbies, so I’m less likely to choose quick projects that can be finished in a day. If I had more courage, I might have tried something where I really need to improve (drawing a day?) but I’m not sure I’d have the guts to post the results for the whole world to see! 🙂

Unrelated note: Now that it’s March, I’m fairly certain that my photos will not be used by the food magazine for their article on Jerusalem. That doesn’t bother me. Since it was Food & Wine magazine, I’m flattered to have been approached in the first place!

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  1. I’m lucky if I can post a thing a week… for a week… lol… Wasn’t picking the shortest month kinda like cheating though ??… lol.. (I jest of course)… 😉
    You sure did capture some real neat shots there though Avital…

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