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Baby Steps with Adobe Illustrator

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 28, 2011

I’ve been trying to teach myself Adobe Illustrator from on-line videos. I highly recommend I managed to get my workplace to pay for a monthly subscription and have used it to learn Flash, ActionScript, Photoshop, and now Illustrator. Illustrator is a very powerful vector drawing program. I really am a beginner. This is my very first drawing. If I didn’t have a background in Photoshop or Flash it would have taken me much longer to get this far. My husband was visiting relatives in Manchester, so I had a long, uninterrupted block of time last night to practice.

Fruit Basket in Illustrator

Here’s the reference photo, for comparison:

Fruit basket reference photo

One of the neighbours has a little herb patch in his garden. This is French lavender. I never noticed before that the buds spiral. I will have to remember to take some close-ups of the buds before the flowers are finished.

French Lavender

Here’s a quick shot I took this morning from the minibus on the way to work. Usually the camels are on the other side of the road, if they’re there at all.

Camels on Commute

Last Friday I saw eleven, yes, eleven wild gazelles in the wadi. And I didn’t have a camera with me! I had hoped to go for a run, so I put on my running clothes and left the DSLR at home. A few running steps were all that it took to convince me that my foot wasn’t ready for that kind of stress, so I switched to a fast walk. I’ve seen two or three gazelles before, but never eleven. They were grazing and moving slowly, so I was able to count them twice. Gazelles are difficult to photograph because they keep their distance and their grazing habits are unpredictable. I went out with the camera early on Sunday morning but didn’t see a single gazelle. I did startle a fox and managed to grab a quick shot of him running away. He was a beautiful specimen — look at those ears and that bushy tail!

Fox Trot

One Response to “Baby Steps with Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Ann said

    Congratulations on your new skills. The drawing looks mighty impressive to me! I’ll have to pay closer attention to my lavender this spring to see if it spirals like your neighbor’s.

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