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Sewing Buttons

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 22, 2011

My officemates, Masha and Yinnon, are the most willing models you can imagine. That’s why I have so many photos of them. No matter what they’re doing, they never mind being photographed.

Yinnon had to sew several buttons on his coat.

He’s smiling because Masha and I are telling him that our mothers said never to hold a needle in your mouth.


A little trouble finding the end of the thread on the spool ….


Threading the needle….


Tying the knot


The first button


My new tripod, the Manfrotto MK394, arrived yesterday. The one I had originally wanted, the 7321YB, is no longer being made. This model is its replacement. It’s a little bit cheaper, weighs 3.7 lb and holds 7.7 lb. It has a 3-way pan head, quick release plate, 4 leg sections, and measures 20 inches when closed and 56 inches when fully extended. I am a happy camper!

3 Responses to “Sewing Buttons”

  1. Fran said

    (Posting for Devra)

    I love the first shot, especially.

    Your blog is a treasure. The entries are short, informative, and written in a style that’s a pleasure to read. The photos are always appropriate and excellent.

    It doesn’t matter what the subject is. I love to read your blog.

  2. […] essay: Sewing Buttons. Yinnon sewing buttons on his […]

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