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Unexplored Hallways

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 6, 2011

Although I’ve worked in this building for five years there are parts that I’ve never seen because it was rented by other companies. When a call center went out of business last year, a large part of one of the buildings became accessible to us, because it was no longer occupied by a single company. I got a look at one of these hallways last week.


Not very inviting, is it? I converted the photo to black and white, but I assure you that it’s every bit as alienating in real life — all those black tiles, white walls and ceiling, and strip lighting. The perspective makes the hallway look unusually long, but it’s actually quite short. I had to take this photo quickly because people were arriving for work and I wanted to photograph it when it was empty. That’s why the angle is a little off, not precisely centered. This corridor looks like a good place for an interrogation.

The part of the building where I work has much warmer colours, with paintings on the walls. Here’s a photo of the hallway outside my room, for comparison. (The offices themselves have carpeting)

Alien Invasion

If that hallway leads to the interrogation rooms, this must be one of the torture chambers. It’s a gutted room directly underneath the hallway. I took this photo through a window when I was walking to the minibus that takes me home. I hadn’t noticed the strange posters on the doors at the time I took the photo. When I was processing the photo at first I thought that I had inadvertently caught my reflection, until I realised that these were German posters with hands and faces pressed against glass. Creepy…. especially when the room is empty and lit with a single light on the floor.

Spooky Doors

A few days later I photographed the same room with someone working. The presence of a human being and a shopping cart made the scene a lot less spooky.

Gutted Room

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