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Two Short Flash Animations

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 23, 2011

I just figured out how to upload a couple Flash animations. I’ve been dabbling in Flash since 2004, although I really haven’t done much with it until recently, when I got more into ActionScript 3.0 programming.

At work, I’m taking a Flash course for beginners. I’m not enjoying it very much, partly because I’m overqualified and partly because my Hebrew is not very good (the instructor is very knowledgeable but he mumbles and talks very fast). This first animation is a 7-second one that I put together when we were learning how to animate gradiants. On the other hand, because I normally work with boxes, lines, and rather boring animations (but a lot of programming to show different screens), drawing animations from scratch is new for me.

This second video is a short animation I made to illustrate a talk I gave to our technical writing group at work. I spoke about the history of Flash, while moving through the animation with the spacebar. Later I added a very simple control console (just a shiny Play button) and published it as an Adobe AIR application. I gave a demo on that to a larger group of technical writers to show how self-installing tools could be designed with Flash.

This animation was done very quickly, in about 2 hours. If I had had more time, I would have liked to have had the big Adobe fish swallowing the little Macromedia fish, but there wasn’t time to animate their mouths.

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