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Floss Storage

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 20, 2011


OK, I over-estimated the capacity of this floss storage box, which just arrived from Nordic Needle. I finally decided to organize the floss for the Lady with Unicorn project and there’s no way 130 colours/bobbins will fit. (I already store the blended threads in a bag system. These bobbins are to replace my sandwich bags full of skeins. It just takes too long to fish out the right colours when I’m refilling the bags with the blended threads.)

Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing

But all is not lost! My bead findings box has compartments the same size. Moral of story: Before you pay an arm and a leg buying a floss bobbin storage box, check the local places. These boxes probably come from the same factories in China and are in standard sizes. Live and learn!

One thing I don’t regret is purchasing DMC floss number stickers. They really speed up the job of labeling.

4 Responses to “Floss Storage”

  1. Karen R in GA said

    For this, I knew a regular bobbin box wouldn’t hold it all – and trying to juggle 2? Not going to happen. So one day, the family was out shopping, and we stopped in a sporting goods store. We just happened to be walking through the fishing gear, and there on the shelf were all kinds of tackle boxes. One of them looked EXACLTLY like a bobbin box, but twice as big (length & width). It was the perfect thing, and the same price as a bobbin box at a craft store. L&U has this, and then I got one for Noah’s Sub, too, as it has just as many colors…

    I still use ziplock bags – that’s where the blends are, each bag with a symbol and it’s DMC #s on it. Those are on 2 rings, sorted (kind of) by color family. I work from the bags, only going to the box when I use the last of the cut length in the bag. It’s the method I worked out on The Castle, and wish I had used on Triptych; I precut thread for Triptych, and had a heck of a lot of leftovers to put away when I was done…

    It is a pretty amazing array of colors when you get them all visible, though, isn’t it? I thought I had taken a picture of the full box way back – if I did, I can’t find it now… 😦

    • Avital said

      Great idea! Pity that fishing isn’t a big sport in Jerusalem…. 🙂 But some of the housewares stores have reasonable plastic boxes if one is lucky. I use the ziplock bags for blends, too.

  2. aswirly said

    I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of floss you’re using. Wow.

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