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Project 365, 2010

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 5, 2011

Project 365 2010

I haven’t posted for quite a while. My blogging got derailed by my return to work, physiotherapy for my foot, and visits by husband’s relatives from abroad. Some of my month mosaics weren’t generated until just a few days ago!

In 2009, I managed to post 352/365 photos. I must have thought it was a positive experience, over all, because I’m starting another Project 365 for 2011.

Things that I liked about Project 365:

  • My general technique improved. I could see where I got better at low-light photos, building interiors, street photography, portraits, and so on.
  • At the end of the year I had a tangible record of what I’d done in photography (my first two paid  jobs, my first attempts at portraiture, a solar eclipse, sunrise over Amman, Jupiter’s moons).
  • My photos were also a record of places I’d been, craft projects I finshed, and new techniques.
  • I went to events that normally I would never have gone, like a local dog show, simply because it was a new place to take photos.
  • I had an excuse to carry a camera everywhere.
  • I am deeply grateful to two of my officemates, Yinnon and Masha, for providing me with so much photographic material — pet spiders, interesting manicures, hats, cooking demos, and a wedding. They were more than willing to let me photograph them at any time.

Things I didn’t like about Project 365:

  • I felt under pressure to take photos even when I was hospitalized, tired, or sick.
  • There were way many “OMG what am I going to photograph tonight?!?!” photos. For some reason I have a really hard time getting inspired to photograph things after Shabbat because it’s dark, I’m tired, and there’s plenty of work to be done getting the house back in order.
  • Too many flowers. Nothing wrong with that if you like flowers but I think I took too many flower photos. Same for sun flares. Three in July was a bit much.
  • I looked like a weirdo carrying a camera everywhere (the flip side of #5 above). When a co-worker asked why, I told him, “Because black goes with everything.”
  • It probably shortened the life of my camera and lenses (camera body repair for autofocus in May and dead kit lens that lost its autofocus in September) but so what — the only people with pristine cameras are those who never take photos. Equipment is there to be used.

Things I’m going to try to do differently for Project 365 in 2011:

  • Get a new tripod. I still haven’t replaced my crappy, lightweight tripod, which is a real liability when I have to do low-light shots with long exposures, astro-photography, or portraits. I have my eye on a mid-level Manfrotto in Tel Aviv. I could order it over the Web. I really should do so instead of moaning about my lack of a good tripod.
  • Plan more carefully for those difficult times, like after Shabbat. Sure, I still have to make the effort to set up a light or a subject or whatever, but if I had a plan I think the photo would be a lot easier to take. I did make a list of inspirations at the beginning of the year, sort of a “fall back” list in case I couldn’t think of anything to photograph, but I lost the list.
  • Don’t have surgery. Honestly, taking photos during my 6 weeks of sick leave was not a lot of fun. If you think a DSLR is hard to lug around, try doing it on crutches.
  • Consider getting a compact camera for those times when a DSLR just isn’t a good thing to lug around. (There are times when I would consider selling my first-born, my only son whom I love, for a Canon S95, except that he’s a polite, pleasant boy and worth way more than a camera. Maybe I could trade him for a few L-class lenses. Hmmm…..)

To sum it up, Project 365 is a real challenge but it’s worth it. I posted lots of crappy photos. Among them, I think there are a few decent shots that I probably wouldn’t have captured if I hadn’t been shlepping that camera everywhere.

Here’s a link to my Project365 set:

4 Responses to “Project 365, 2010”

  1. pam said

    I have just built a special bookmark for this post so I can easily return to if often. I do understand that taking on a project like this one does create pressure, but just look at this fantastic body of work!

    Thank you for all the time and thought and effort you put into creating this post so that the entire year can be enjoyed so accessibly.

    • Avital said

      Thanks, Pam! What a pleasant surprise to hear from you again. I honestly hadn’t expected anyone to notice this posting because I didn’t announce it anywhere.

  2. You’ve certainly been busy that’s for sure… I know a 365 is something I could NEVER even contemplate doing though, and I admire anyone who’s tried… You put together quite the collection though…

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