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Hanukkah, 2010

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 5, 2010

Since I’m still house-bound, although able to get around without crutches, I’m posting a few Hanukkah photos from my archives.

Hanukkah street lights on Kanfei Nesharim street last year. It was a drizzly night and I was on my way to the dentist.

Hanukkah Street Lights

This hanukkah lamp photo is one of my most popular Hanukkah images. It was taken in 2006 with a Canon PowerShot A530, which just goes to show that you don’ t need a fancy camera or DSLR!

Hanukkah 2006

I used a 50mm prime lens to get the shallow depth of field in this photo of my husband’s hanukkah lamp.

3rd Night of Hanukkah, 2009

I can’t recall such a dry Hanukkah. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, too late to have prevented the terrible Carmel fire. After 77 hours, the firefighters finally have most of the fire under control. The fire claimed 42 lives and 50,000 dunams of land. Most of the victims were laid to rest today. 17,000 people were evacuated and many were left homeless.

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