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Photos of Hospital Food

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 17, 2010

Just a short posting to let you all know that I’m still around. I have been taking it easy, mostly lying in bed with a borrowed laptop (no mouse), which makes it a little harder to post to this blog. I was in for a mercifully short time, only one night, so I ate only four meals at Hadassah Mt. Scopus. The foot operation seems to have been a success, although I won’t know about the results until the follow-up visit in two weeks.

I had a bunion repair operation on my right foot. Since it was the second time I’ve had bunion surgery, this procedure was a little more complicated. That’s why I was kept overnight instead of having it done in day surgery. The surgeon broke the bone in three places and fit the pieces back together like a puzzle, re-using a wedge of bone (he seemed quite proud of the achievement!). I’m amazed by how smoothly my recovery has been. I’ve had very little pain. I started the Percocet when I got home and took it at regular intervals, even setting my alarm (tip that I got from my sister). It’s better to lose some sleep than to wake up a few hours later in agony, she said. Now I think I might be able to stop the Percocet completely.

I’ve been on crutches, which is certainly inconvenient (no more making cups of coffee and taking them to the computer!), but not as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks to three years of yoga, my sense of balance is good and my body is strong and flexible. When I got home I managed to get up two flights of stairs on crutches. Someone lent me a mini thermos, so it is possible for me to take drinks to different parts of the house, with the thermos in a pouch.

Mostly I’ve been spending the time sleeping, reading, watching junky TV shows on the laptop, reading email, listening to podcasts, and knitting.

First meal at hospital: Lunch (meat). Vegetable soup, tomato-onion salad, carrot-cucumber salad, orange squash, carrots, and chickpeas (traditional mix of vegetables that go on top of couscous), couscous, chicken breast cutlet, and tangerine. The chicken was tender and delicious. The couscous was actually seasoned. I was afraid everything would be unsalted. The vegetable soup was certainly no worse than what I have had at work. I ate this meal in the waiting room of the orthopedic ward because I was undergoing tests (X-ray, blood, ECG) and didn’t have a room yet. I went home that afternoon and spent the night at home.

First Hospital Meal

Second meal at hospital: Dinner (dairy). Yes, the photo is out of focus. What do you expect? I’d had surgery a couple hours earlier and I hadn’t eaten for EIGHTEEN hours. Actually, I didn’t have much appetite or sense of taste. Sooo… for dinner we had two slices of bread, some kind of vegetable latke, vegetable salad, small container of 5% cottage cheese, vegetable soup, tehina (in the clear plastic tub near the soup), gil (cultured milk product similar to yogurt), and two cinnamon cookies. The cookies were really good — very fresh.

Second meal at hospital

Third meal: Breakfast (dairy). Definitely my least favourite meal while I was there but I got enough to eat. They gave me bread, another small container of 5% cottage cheese, a hard-boiled egg, 4 cherry tomatoes, 4 cucumber slices, tehina, red jello (in white cup), hot milk (yuck), hot semolina, bread, gil, and chocolate pudding. Under the bread I found a couple packets of sugar, probably for the milk or semolina.

Third Meal at Hospital

Fourth hospital meal: Lunch (meat). Lentil soup (wow! Who ever heard of lentil soup in a hospital?), baby carrots, breaded chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes, green pepper stuffed with rice (under the schnitzel), cucumber, radish, and carrot salad. Oh, wait, there was also a tangerine. I gave it to my husband because I knew he wouldn’t be able to get lunch before we left.

Fourth meal at hospital

So those are my four hospital meals. If you have to be at a hospital, this is a good one. The doctors and nurses were all very good. I don’t think I met any unpleasant or incompetent people during my brief stay except for some of the clerks. My husband says that the medical care in Israel is cutting edge but the bureaucracy is third world. So true! Anyway, I was well cared for and had a very nice room (bathroom within the room and a window right beside my bed, which I could open) and a pleasant room-mate.

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