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Lady with Unicorn Embroidery, Update

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 8, 2010

Lady with Unicorn, Nov. 7

I haven’t posted an update for this piece since May. I’ve worked approximately 7600 stitches, almost 6% of the total of 130,380 stitches. Occasionally this project seems like a quixotic endeavor. No one has ever walked up to one of my framed embroideries and said, “Wow — there must be at least 112 blended colours in this piece!” If I ever finish it, will my descendants know how long it took? Or will it end up as a crumpled piece of cloth in my bottomless pit of projects? I guess it’s better to finish it. At least if it’s in a frame, there’s less chance of it being tossed out with the old dish towels.

Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing

I just noticed that the stats for my Flickr account, which I’ve had since 2008, just passed 150,000 hits.


I’m almost packed for the hospital tomorrow. A friend said, “Take everything you think you’ll need, including a cup and tea bags.” Actually, I hear it’s not that bad but the hospital system here is predicated on your being accompanied by a relative. If you don’t have someone with you to get whatever you need, an Israeli hospital can be a pretty grim place.

Sorting floss

10 Responses to “Lady with Unicorn Embroidery, Update”

  1. Karen R in GA said

    I really need to get mine out – I haven’t touched it for months 😦 If mine – finished or otherwise – gets thrown out, I’m coming back to haunt whoever did it 🙂 Hope the surgery goes smoothly, and your recovery very quick!

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Thanks, Karen! I would love to see how far you are. I know that you’ve been working on yours a lot more diligently than I have!

  2. Betty Braaksma said

    Good luck with the hospital – nothing serious, I hope?

    Before you toss out your Lady & The Unicorn with the old dish towels, please consider shipping it off to Winnipeg, where it will find a good home with my other L&U stuff….I even promise to finish it! 😉

  3. Well I’m gonna add a wow, as I know with certainty that I would NEVER have the patience to continue working on such a project… If it takes longer than a couple of hours then I tend to lose interest… I sure hope you finish it, and it’s appreciated by your future generations…

    • Avital said

      Thanks, Funky Slug. I don’t have a terribly long attention span either, but I have enough projects that eventually I start to forget about them, so they seem new. Or maybe that’s just called getting old and forgetful. When I have a cold, it is rather pleasant to put on some headphones, listen to music or podcasts, and spend a couple hours doing mindless stitching.

  4. aswirly said

    That is one amazing project! When you finish it you should not only frame it, but add an engraved plaque to it as well describing the amount of hours and blended colors. I really hope the surgery went ok and you are recovering well.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      LOL! The plaque is an interesting idea. Very original. Surgery went fine, although longer than expected (orthopedists love finding more bones to correct, so in the end he sawed through 3 bones instead of 2). But I was awake the whole time. I’m quite comfortable except for the fact that hospital tablesaren’t designed for laptops, so I’m typing on the bed. Will probably go home today!

  5. Fanie said

    Take some time for yourself and good luck at the hospital, Avital. 🙂 I’m sending you some good energies from Canada!

    And that quilt -is – amazing. I guess you better not to think the time you’ll have to put in it. Just take it, one day at a time. Phew!

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