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Puncetto Valsesiano: Part 5 – Ladder Foundation

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 4, 2010

The ladder foundation is easier for beginners and less fiddly than the foundation thread. It is suitable for square and rectangular motifs.

1. Using the circular thread foundation, make 3 stitches (or knots) on the thread. This is your first row (left-to-right).

Puncetto Valsesiano 4.1

2. Working from right to left, insert the needle in the first loop, wrap the thread around the needle, and make a stitch in each loop.

Puncetto Valsesiano 4.2

3. Work back and forth on these two loops until you have a ladder.

Puncetto Valsesiano 4.3

Puncetto Valsesiano 4.4

4. When the ladder has as many rows as you need stitches for the width of your motif, turn the ladder 90 degrees and work the next row of stitches on the side of the ladder.

Puncetto Valsesiano 4.5

Remember not to flip the work over. The front of the ladder is always facing you. The first row worked down the side is a left-to-right row.

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  • 7 Responses to “Puncetto Valsesiano: Part 5 – Ladder Foundation”

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    2. Avital
      This is a marvelous set of lessons. I’ve posted a link on NEEDLELACETALK in the PUNCETTO group.

      Well done!

    3. Onna Addis said

      thanks for posting this Lorelei..I know what I will be doing after church today!
      thank you for this lesson..more stitches!! I want to see the diamond..I can see it in my mind.

    4. Elizabeth said

      Thank you Avital, for these wonderfully clear photos and instructions. It is the Best!
      Now I understand how to work a square “On the straight”, not just a V shape from a corner.

      Very many thanks. I look forward to more of your tutorials. They are Great. — Wish I lived closer for a real lesson!!

    5. Xarmen said

      Gracias por las lecciones. Aunque había visto el video, las fotografías de tu intento me dejan mucho más clara la técnica. Gracias por tu esfuerzo.

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